Linux on Servers

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This Wiki tries to be a help for configuring some no-basic tools in a server on Linux. By "no basic tools" I refer to these tools we usually use in daily job. These tools will be classified inside these groups: Network Monitoring, Inventory, Admin tools, Corporate/Collaborative Tools and Virtualization.

Some of these tools are Nagios, Cacti, OCS, GLPI, Mediawiki and so on.

I've also done some sections for some basic Tutorials, and FAQ's which are not involved to these groups.

Currently, documentation is based in Ubuntu Server 10.04.4 LTS, the last version with Long Term Support, due to Canonical advises not to update Servers to 12.04 LTS version until first release will be launched (planned in June 2012).

Just have a look and give me your comments.

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